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Used for photography, audio-visual projection and reflex binocular mounts, because the reflection comes from the front face there are no 'ghost' double images as would be caused by a normal 'looking glass' mirror.

Please note that most orders for mirrors and autocue glasses are cut and made to customers requirements. The sizes listed below are to give an idea of the costs involved. Postage to customers outside the UK will make the costs higher. It may be possible to supply directly from stock, but not in all instances.

If you need an item by a specific date you must make us aware of the situation when ordering. In the event of a delay of more than a few days in sending out your order, we will contact you and take payment only when the goods are ready to send.

Size Price (£) inc p&p
4" x 8" (100x200mm) 36.00
6" x 8" (150x200mm) 46.00
8" x 8" (200x200mm) 50.00
Smaller FS Mirrors for Audio Visual and Photography
10" x 8" (250x200mm) 56.00
10" x 10" (250x250mm) 60.00
10" x 12" (250x300mm) 66.00
Standard sizes from 1/4" (6mm) or 1/6" (4mm) thickness glass  
Larger FS Mirrors for Audio Visual and Photography
Size Price (£) PLUS p&p
12" x 12" (300x300mm) 70.00
12" x 14" (300x350mm) 78.00
14" x 14" (350x350mm) 82.00
14" x 16" (350x400mm) 86.00
16" x 16" (400x400mm) 90.00
16" x 18" (400x500mm) 98.00
Standard sizes from 1/4" (6mm) or 1/6" (4mm) thickness glass


Larger FS Mirrors for Audio Visual and Photography
Size Price (£) PLUS p&p
18" x 18" (450x450mm) 110.00
18" x 20" (450x500mm) 120.00
20" x 22" (500x550mm) 130.00
22" x 24" (550x600mm) 140.00
24" x 24" (600x600mm) 160.00
24" x 30" (600x760mm) 200.00
Standard sizes from 1/4" (6mm) or 1/6" (4mm) thickness glass
For professional photographers and audio visual companies

Front surface mirrors are available up to about 915 x 760mm or 860 x 815mm (36" x 30" or 34" x 32").

Thickness for safety is usually 4 mm or 6 mm (thinner or thicker glass available). For this largest mirror the cost would be £280 plus VAT.

Two way mirrors can be made up to sizes of about 600 x 800mm (24" x 30"). The density of the coating can be varied. There can be a strong reflection to pass less than 10% of light, or a light reflection to pass 60 - 70% of light. All variations between these figures are possible.

Prices are as for the F. S. Mirrors PLUS 40% (on average) to reflect the specialised coating requirements. These have to be made to order. We keep small samples in stock. Two way mirrors are normally used at a near direct, ninety degree viewing angle, as with a normal looking glass and are usually intended to look like a normal mirror.

They should not be confused with the Peppers Ghost (Holographic Effect) beam-splitter glass, which is used at an angle of near forty five degrees and looks quite transparent. For this type of glass please go to our Autocue Teleprompt Glasses page or click HERE

General Information
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