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Vacuum Coatings Ltd

We have been in business since 1952 and are specialists in high vacuum coatings and processes. We have produced work for advertising companies, architects and architectural model makers, film and television companies, aerospace companies, photographers and astronomers.

We specialise in aluminium (front surface/front reflecting mirrors), titanium (autocue, prompting, beamsplitter, pepper's ghost glasses), magnesium fluoride (anti-reflection) and also nichrome (neutral density) and gold (IR reflective/decorative) coatings. Our customers are primarily business customers, the majority with accounts with payments made to Vacuum Coatings Ltd.

66 Barrett Road
Tel/Fax 0208 520 5353

Vacuum Coatings Scientific Mirrors (VCSM)

VCSM was started a separate business in 1994 and deals with the sale of telescopes, binoculars (UK only), astronomical supplies and accessories and the recoating of astronomical, nautical and photographic mirrors/prisms. VCSM also deals with the sale of front surface and autocue mirrors to most customers (established customers are passed to Vacuum Coatings Ltd). It is also responsible for work undertaken for EU member countries. This part of the business is non VAT registered. Payment is due upon order, or on collection and made to VCSM

Bucklebury House
The Green
Weston Colville
Cambs CB21 5NT
Tel 0208 520 5353


Below you'll find a general list of services that we offer. It's not possible to list everything that we do so should you be unable to find the service you're looking for please contact us as we may still be able to help.