Vacuum Coatings Scientific Mirrors
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Below you'll find a general list of services that we offer. As it's not possible to list everything that we do, should you be unable to find the service that you're looking for please contact us as we may still be able to help you.

Advertising Two-Way Mirrors, Front/First Surface Mirrors, Gold and silver (aluminium) finish, Metallizing
Aluminising / Re-Aluminising of scientific mirrors up to about 32" (800mm) diameter. Exact size is determined by mirror thickness
Anti Reflection (Magnesium Fluoride) to improve toughness and lower reflection on glass components
Astronomy Re-Coating and testing of telescope mirrors plus some astro supplies; telescopes, mirror making powders, mirror blanks, eyepieces, mountings, focus mounts, finders and some mirrors
Architects Semi-mirror coating effects, gold, silver and bronze for architectural models
Audio-visual Front/First Surface Projection mirrors to a maximum of about 34 x 36 inches (85
Auto-Cue/Tele-prompter and Conference Glasses
Binoculars for nature and astronomy, plus Reflex Mirrors for comfortable viewing of the night sky (reflected image satisfactory for up to at least 10x50 binoculars)
First/Front Surface Mirrors for clear accurate reflection/imaging, in photo-graphy and projection.

Holography Mirror re-coats and supply. Neutral density filters as required
Kaleidoscope Front/First Reflecting Mirrors
Model makers Gold and silver (chrome effect) metallizing service
Nautical Supply and re-coating of sextant mirrors

Optical Mirror Refurbishment Front surface mirrors from all optical equipment cleaned and re-coated
Photographic Front surface mirrors for advertising and nature photography. Beam splitters for on-camera lighting and trick photography. Neutral density filters custom made as required. Camera mirror and prism refurbishment
Printing Supply and re-coating of printing mirrors
Prompting Beam Splitter mirrors for TV and conferences (conference glasses)
Special effects Gold, silver (chrome effect) metallizing service.
'Peppers Ghost Glasses'

Two Way, Semi-Reflective, Front Surface Mirrors for observational and experimental reflection and imaging.

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Vacuum Coatings Scientific Mirrors